2020: Stellaris 2.0


At the time of writing this, little functionality is available.
It's just a simple webserver, serving HTML webpages.
For some intends and purposes that may be enough, but let's be honest it's boring.

There used to be a download page where various tools would be presented for downloading.
This, however, was very cumbersome to maintain as everything had to be put in manually.
There was no real system behind this.

What will happen in 2.0

Changes in hardware, inspire changes in software.
The webserving capabilities of the Stellaris domain will be expanded, with the power of Python!
As for my Christmas project, this will be it.

Priority 1: stability
If the website and it's applications are down half of the time, you might as well stop trying.
Uptime is of the utmost importance in any project.
" The Social Network " is a scary and crazy movie, but they quote it best:
Okay, let me tell you the difference between Facebook and everyone else: we don't crash, ever! If those servers are down for even a day, our entire reputation is irreversibly destroyed!

Priority 2: security
I believe this is obvious.
Having fancy bells and whistles is nice, but when they are hijacked and turn on you to kill you in your sleep...
Not a preferable outcome.
Study best practices before implementing, at least do basic testing.
Think outside the box of things that could go wrong, red team your own stuff.
Priority 3: flexible dev environment
Without compromising security, connecting through 3 different proxies over a vpn, typing 12 different passwords is annoying.
Sometimes the answer to a problem hits you in the bathroom stall and you just have to work.
Atom.io already provides most of the functionality I need to accomplish this, I just need to provide the infrastructure to utilize it.
Last but not least: Applications
It's pointless to own a car if you never drive it or leave the house.
This project will be fueled by the successing projects that will follow after:
  • URL Shrinking tool
    Will provide great practise to develop a basic prompting UI and working with a database
  • Content Management Tool
    How hard can it be to design your own CMS?
  • Blog
    A button that goes to /blog/ that shows any the latest message
    Other buttons to show previous messages?

So in short, the current project Stellaris 2.0 is to provide a solid, secure and flexible platform to develop apps on, with Python.
I'm going to serve python code through Flask.
Make Flask talk with Nginx through uWSGI or Nginx-unit (probably unit) and beam it right down on any browser, on any device.
2020 will be the year where I explore the world of coding and development.
Everything will be easier to maintain, all will be responsive.

I can't wait!