The secure messaging service is available

Messages are transmitted via the SSH protocol, developed by Shazow on Github.


I did not make this fine piece of software, it was made by a person named Shazow who deserves all the credit.
The software is just that good I wrote about it here.
Please visit his Github profile for more of his stuff:

Easily installed and hosted on your own machine, it has several options to run with:

  • identity: A keyfile to Identify the server with.
    This is generally a good idea, security wise.
  • admin: a txt file containing public keys.
    Clients who connect using the corresponding private key will have admin privileges.
  • whitelist: a list containing public keys.
    Clients who connect using the corresponding private key will be allowed to join.
    If this option is omitted it will not be enforced.
  • motd: A message that is displayed upon succesfully connecting to the server.
  • log: Logs all transmitted messages to a specified file.
    There is no default log location, meaning if this option is omitted no log is kept of the chat history.
  • bind: Bind to a specific IP and TCP Port.
    The default is
./ssh-chat --identity /path/to/file --admin /path/to/file --whitelist /another/file/path --motd /you/ll/never/guess --log /many/paths/required/logfile.log --bind

When connected, several commands are available:

  • /exit Whereas exit normally terminates an ssh connection, a preceding / symbol is required to differentiate the command from normal text you might want to transmit.
  • /names Lists usernames that are currently connected.
  • /theme Choose a theme, currently available themes are:
    /theme colors
    /theme solarized
    /theme hacker
    /theme mono
  • /msg Send a private message to another connected client
  • /reply Reply to the last private message you received
    /reply MESSAGE

Typing this up I realise I like the verb To Transmit more then I probably should.
Also that emphasising seems to be a better looking italic, but that is likely to be just my personal opinion.

Alright cool beans, but what servers can I connect to?

I run a private and a public one myself for no reason, one I also often visit is Shazow's own server

Private server
Public Server
Shazow's server